What Paint Finish to Use…Pros and Cons

What Paint Finish to Use…Pros and Cons

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Have you ever gone to a home improvement store and walked up to the paint counter confident with the color choice you made, but then you are completely stumped when asked “What paint finish would you like?”. Let’s see if we can help you with this decision…


If you are going for a modern look, this is probably the way to go. With a smooth and subtle look, it adds sleekness to any modern home.

PROS: The matte finish covers imperfections on the walls surface better then a paint with a gloss. It is also extremely easy to touch up this finish. If you are sensitive to light and glares, a matte finish won’t reflect light off the walls like a gloss finish would.

CONS: This is not an ideal choice for rooms with moisture, like a bathroom. Since the paint has no shine protector it can crack or mold in corners if it’s exposed to too much moisture. It is also harder to clean because it holds dirt, so if food splatters or a child draws on the wall it will take more work to clean it up without removing the finish.



This is the most commonly chosen paint finish since it is versatile. It has a pearl like sheen with little shine.

PROS: The Satin finish reflects more light than matte, but doesn’t reflect as much shine as a Semi-gloss or Gloss finish. You could say it’s the best of both worlds. With its subtle sheen it hold up well when the wall needs cleaning.

CONS: Similar to Gloss Paint, this finish does not hide imperfections, which means more time prepping the surfaces. Since it has a sheen, it is also difficult to touch up without seeing the difference from the original paint.



These hold the highest shine, allowing lots of light to reflect.

PROS: Semi-gloss and gloss are extremely durable and long lasting. With the gloss protecting the color underneath you can scrub this finish with little to no damage. This finish is highly resistant to moisture, making these your best options for your bathrooms, molding and doors.

CONS: These finishes require the most prep work, since they show every single imperfection, they require sanding to smooth the surface before painting. If you have to do any touch-ups this paint is difficult to blend in because the new paint will show a high sheen.

We hope this article helps you feel confident when choosing your paint finish. Comment below and tell us which finish is your favorite…

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