Cool Back to School Ideas

Cool Back to School Ideas

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Do you remember the first day of school excitement when you were a kid? It’s so fun to go school shopping for new clothes and your class supplies. You might not remember, but mom and dad were probably a little stressed trying to get everything prepared and now it’s your turn. We have a few tips to help get your house organized and ready for the school season.

Have a designated area for all school supplies…

We recommend having a place in the house for hooks to hang backpacks, shoe cubbies and a desk with a designated place to put homework and assignments. This will give your children an area where they can focus, study and do their homework with less distractions. If you don’t want their things out in the open and you have a coat closet you can always transform that into an area for the kids to hang their bags out of sight.

Take inventory…

You might not realize how many packs of paper or pencils you have lying around the house. It’s smart to go through everything you have before heading to the store and accidentally buying doubles of things. This will save you money and keep things simple instead of having too much. Once you have an inventory of what you have, make a list of what supplies your child needs.

Hang boards…

A calendar, a magnet board or peg board. You might want all three! Having a calendar helps keep you on schedule and get everyone into a comfortable routine. After summer vacation it’s nice to have a place for friendly reminders. Having a peg board or magnet board is a fun way to let your children hang their projects, report cards and assignments. It gives them a fun place to express them self and display what they are proud of.

What “back to school” organizing tricks to you have? We’d love to hear your ideas and add them to our routine when getting ready for the school year. Please share below…

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