Top Loading or Front Loading Washing Machine?

Posted by LG Winn // September 27, 2018 // Blog // absolute vision properties / front loading machine / home improvement / pros and cons / top loading vs front loading washing machine / washer and dryer / washing machine

We are in the market for a new washer and dryer and you know what the big debate is? Front loader or top loader? Well we’ve done our research and come up with the pros and cons. Let’s discuss… TOP LOADER Pros: Top loading washing machines have a lower price point. The top loading machine […]

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What Paint Finish to Use…Pros and Cons

Posted by LG Winn // July 25, 2018 // Blog // absolute vision properties / gloss paint / home decor / home design / home renovations / matte paint / paint finish / pros and cons / satin paint / semi gloss paint / wall paint / wall paint finish / wall painting

Have you ever gone to a home improvement store and walked up to the paint counter confident with the color choice you made, but then you are completely stumped when asked “What paint finish would you like?”. Let’s see if we can help you with this decision… MATTE PAINT… If you are going for a […]

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Posted by LG Winn // June 28, 2018 // Blog // absolute vision properties / AC / AC repair / air conditioner / air conditioner filters / DIY HVAC maintenance / home / home owner / home owner repairs / HVAC / level your HVAC

If you are a homeowner you know there are many things to maintain to keep your home running smoothly. Since we are entering summer one of the most important things to maintain is your HVAC. Here are some things you can do on your own to avoid costly repairs…   Clean and replace your filters… […]

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Bathroom Renovation… Big Changes or Small Changes?

Posted by LG Winn // June 1, 2018 // Blog / Featured // absolute vision properties / bathroom design / bathroom esthetics / bathroom hardware / bathroom ideas / bathroom reno / bathroom renovation / design theme / DIY / home repair / measure / renovating your bathroom

Are you thinking about renovating your bathroom? We’ve done many renovations, but when it’s your own home it’s a very different process. Making the simplest decision can be emotional and overwhelming. This last year I learned some good lessons when I renovated my bathroom. Here is some things to consider…. Start small… Don’t think you […]

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Spend Money to Make Money…4 Home Inspections Not to Ignore

Posted by LG Winn // April 25, 2018 // Blog // absolute vision properties / basement / basement inspection / buy a home / buying a home / home inspection / home roof inspection / must do inspections / roof / septic tank / septic tank inspection / swimming pool / swimming pool inspection

Does buying a home make you nervous? We totally understand! Since we started our family business we’ve made some mistakes and learned important lessons from them. There is so much involved in purchasing a home, so to help you avoid making the same mistakes, we want to share some tips with you. First things first… […]

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To Rent or Not to Rent

Posted by LG Winn // March 28, 2018 // Blog // absolute vision properties / buy a home / buying / home owning / homeowner / purchasing a home / real estate / realtor / renting / to rent or buy

Should you rent or buy? Between 2006 and 2016 the number of households in the United States grew by 7.6 million, but at the same time, less and less were buying homes. This was mainly due to the effects of the housing crisis. In 2006 31.2 million were renting and by 2016 it increased to […]

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How to Make the Most Out of Your Garage

Posted by LG Winn // February 28, 2018 // Blog // absolute vision properties / avoid car damage / car storage / extra storage / garage / garage cabinets / garage door invention / garage man cave / garage storage / garage workshop / home design / home renovation

The overhead garage door was invented in 1921 by C.G. Johnson. Only 5 years later, in 1926, he invented the first electric garage door opener so we wouldn’t have to manually open the heavy door. The garage is used for many reasons, to store our cars to avoid damage from the elements, for storage, to […]

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You Have One Chance to Make a Good Impression

Posted by LG Winn // January 31, 2018 // Blog // absolute vision properties / brands image / Facebook / first impressions / instagram / small business / small business advertising / small business owner / social media / social media presence / twitter

Why do we talk about first impressions? Because they are important. When you have a small business, you have to make choices that will represent your business’ image such as your website, logo, business cards and social media presence. These things might seem like simple decisions but really they will make a huge impression. With […]

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Choosing Your Signature Look the Right Way

Posted by LG Winn // December 28, 2017 // Blog / Featured // absolute vision properties / condo / consider your space / family home / home design budget / home design stamp / home signature look / interior design / redesigning a home / signature look / who is your market

When we started our family business there was a lot to consider. One of our main goals when redesigning a home we purchase is figuring out what personal stamp we want. This involves more than the look of the home when having to consider what the buyers will want. That might sound simple, but there […]

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Which Wood You Choose?

Posted by LG Winn // November 29, 2017 // Blog // absolute vision properties / affordable flooring options / bamboo flooring / bamboo plank flooring / bed hardwood floors / durable flooring / Flooring / home decor / home flooring options / home floors / laminate floor / tile floor / which flooring to choose / wood floor / wood flooring choices / wood look tile flooring

Wood flooring has been around a long time. The first tongue-and-groove flooring was invented in 1885! It’s amazing how today wood flooring is still one of the most popular options for homes. The main difference today is that there is an abundance of wood flooring options to choose from. Let’s take a look at some […]

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