Bathroom Renovation… Big Changes or Small Changes?

Bathroom Renovation… Big Changes or Small Changes?

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Are you thinking about renovating your bathroom? We’ve done many renovations, but when it’s your own home it’s a very different process. Making the simplest decision can be emotional and overwhelming. This last year I learned some good lessons when I renovated my bathroom. Here is some things to consider….

Start small…

Don’t think you have to do a total renovation…you can do little changes that make a huge difference. The most obvious is painting the walls and cabinets. Taking an old cabinet and painting it white or a fun color and then adding new hardware can totally refresh an outdated bathroom. Even replacing the mirror and lighting can give your bathroom a whole new look.

You can update the medicine cabinet by replacing it or using the cut out to add built in shelves or you can patch it and cover it completely. One of the easiest change is to replace the shower curtain, towels and rugs for a quick and easy update.

Stick with a design theme…

Make sure whatever you are doing blends into the rest of the home. If your home has a traditional look and then you do a modern bathroom it will stand out…and not in a good way!

Try and stick with the homes color schemes and esthetic. Keep in mind bathrooms handle a lot of water and humidity so when you paint a bathroom it’s best to do semi gloss or gloss paint.

Measure measure measure…

If you’re trying to be unique and buy individual pieces you have to measure carefully and double check that everything works together. If you found a vanity you like at Home Depot but want to buy a sink top from a catalogue, be sure the measure will match so that they will work together. If you don’t measure properly, you could end up with a sink top that hangs over the edge or isn’t centered on the vanity.

Don’t forget under the sink…

Modern bathroom vanities are not always flush to the floor like the original built-in cabinets that come with the home. If you are removing the old cabinets, there might be concrete exposed underneath…keep this in mind before you start redoing the flooring. It’s best to remove the cabinets, lay your tile and install the vanity last.

Hardware that works…

You might fall in-love with a shower head, but it’s smart to not make any quick purchases. You have to make sure all hardware is compatible with the existing plumbing and design esthetic. If you have a tub shower, the plumbing is lower to easily fill the tub. So if you are changing it to a walk-in shower the handles would need to be higher and your plumbing will need to be adjusted accordingly.

Updating your bathroom not only makes you feel great with the new space, but it adds equity to your home. Hard to go wrong there. We hope these suggestions help you get started on your bathroom renovation!

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