Choosing Your Signature Look the Right Way

Choosing Your Signature Look the Right Way

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When we started our family business there was a lot to consider. One of our main goals when redesigning a home we purchase is figuring out what personal stamp we want. This involves more than the look of the home when having to consider what the buyers will want. That might sound simple, but there are so many variables, like…

Who is your Market?

Is the home in a school zone where families would want to buy? Or is it a condo that is suited for a couple with no kids? These things should drastically influence the decisions you make when renovating a home.

For example if the house has a lot of space with a big kitchen, 3 or more bedrooms, a play area and big backyard, it’s probably going to attract a family with small children. If this is the case, you will want to consider putting in appliances and materials with a lot of durability. We would choose laminate wood flooring that is resistant to scratches, chips and stains. We would want to make sure there was a lot of storage because, face it, kids seem to need a lot. Pick out a bathroom vanity with plenty of storage. Don’t forget about kitchen countertops and cabinets that are easy to clean and not fragile. Safety is important to parents, so consider installing a front door gate screen.

If you bought a small condo to renovate you are most likely going to attract a single person or couple with no children. In this case, you will have a little more freedom when making choices for the home. You could go with real hardwood floors to attract more buyers. I’d choose more modern styles to appeal to a couple who likes living closer to the city where there are more activities for young couples. Part of the appeal of a condo is the low maintenance, especially the fact there is no yard to keep up.

Consider the Space!

You might have a signature look where you go with large tiles but if you’re renovating a small bathroom then using a big tile will make the room look even smaller. If this happens you might need to step out of your signature look and go for a smaller tile to better suit the room.

If you are use to working on large kitchens but have a galley style kitchen, you might need to reconsider what you would normally choose in that space. You might have to consider an inset sink instead of a farm style, to save on walking space. Where you place the refrigerator will make a huge impact because you will have narrow walkway.

Don’t forget your budget

It’s pretty safe to say we all want the best, whether it’s top of the line appliances, real hardwood floors or high end fixtures. Despite that, we have to consider what we can afford and how to make a profit. Of course buyers will love everything to be the best quality, but sometimes you have to choose a product based on the best price. Don’t let this make you feel like you didn’t do your best, if these purchases help keep the costs down, it will also keep the home at a reasonable price, which your buyers will be thankful for.

It’s important to have a stamp or signature look to represent your business, but don’t let it corner you into not doing what is best for the space or your budget. You have to consider all the variables to have the best outcome for you, the home and the buyer.

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